11.7.11 - Wrapped up a hectic season of racing by sweeping both Novemberfest features at Oakland Valley.

7.31.11 - Finally the day arrives - the debut of the 17 Cavalier! Picking up the car the night before, I got caught in a pretty big storm on the way home - no big deal, at least until I got home. BIG TIME devastation all around my shop and home - no power for two days made doing any work at the shop impossible once I unloaded the car from the bed of my truck by myself in a torrential rainstorm. Arrived at home to find major trees down, a big one right on top and in front of my trailer. Spent the morning cutting the trees away from the trailer with a hand saw. Then it was off to the shop for a 4 hour thrash to get the rest of the parts on the car - I was hoping for an early arrival at the track and getting in some paid practice time - no such luck. Got to the track and still had to deal with finishing the car in addition to the normal duties. After missing the first practice, finally got out on the track to find many bugs to be worked out. Somehow managed to run second in the heat. Just feeling out the new car in the feature - spun twice, but came back to finish 5th.

6.20.11 - After sitting out the last two rounds of the tour, Sandy & I made our first trip to Bethel - was a blast-good field (13 cars), a PACKED house and the WFMT put on a great race. We were off in the heat race, but after a TON of changes, got it working a lot better-lead for a bit and gave up forth with one to go after I overdrove it in turn two. Sucked to have to DQ the race winner in post race tech, but rules are rules.

5.1.11 - Finally got the season opener under our belt - always fun racing at Shellhammers. The 17 was fast and I felt like we had the car to beat, but a broken throttle cable relegated us to a 7th place finish. Wasn't hoping to start the season off with a DNF, but that's racing!

11.29.09 - The 2009 racing season wrapped up with an extra race on the Sunday portion of Wall Stadium's Turkey Derby weekend. The microstocks were able to join the card along with the champ karts from the sunday series for one lat run before the off season sets in. A season high of 14 cars made the event and Rookie driver Dave Parker took his first career win. Team 17 was looking for one more win this year, but fell a little short with a 3rd place run, but it was still a good way to cap off my best season ever. Running the entire Wall schedule and most of the WFMT races, we ended up with 7 wins, 18 top 3's, only 2 DNF's in 22 starts and the Wall Sunday Series WF/CS Championship. Not too bad for a 15 year old car!