1.30.14 - Major malfunctions (website hacked-iFrame messed up) have kept this site off line for a while. Everything seems to be fixed for the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed! A million updates to do!

8.8.12 - All computer and software glitches have been solved (hopefully!) Updated the racing shirt gallery. More updates on the way!

7.10.12 - This site has been idle enough! Been plenty busy and have a TON of new work to post in the next couple of weeks.

3.12.12 - Decision time... With a lot of debt and still a lot of work needing to be done on our house, coupled with a couple of sponsorship deals that fell through, I've had to make the decision to step back from racing this season. I still might hit up the odd event here or there, but we won't be chasing points this year

12.19.09 - Seems like a trend is developing-it snows and the website gets done! The sign and illustration galleries are complete and the the race team section is nearing completion. This web project is about to take the white flag!

12.5.09 - Taking advantage of the snowy weather today, I was able to finish off the pinstriping gallery section and get part of the race team pages going.

12.3.09 - More updates have been taking place; the helmets section is complete, and the massive pinstriping section is underway with 75+ samples!

 11.29.09 - After a full season of racing, the microstocks got an opportunity to run one last time before the end of the year at Wall Stadium's final enduro/Family Fun Day. A season high 14 cars made the event and I was happy with a 3rd place run in the feature.

11.24.09 - Finally some updates! After a very busy summer, I've finally been able to block out some time on a regular basis to get all areas of the site up and running. The T-shirt and business card galleries are fully functional, and I'm working every day to keep adding content to fill out all the sections.